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"I spake unto Sam", 1 Nephi 2:17-19

1 Nephi 2:17-19

The next step for Nephi, after having obtain a personal knowledge of the things that Nephi's father taught, was to share that with his brothers. Sam believed his words. Laman and Lemuel did not. This prompted Nephi to his next action -- to pray for his brothers who didn't believe. Upon praying to the Lord, Nephi then received even greater light and knowledge than what he had already received.

The profoundness of the simplicity of Nephi speaking to his brothers cannot be understated. He opened his mouth and shared his personal witness to validate his father's claims. Now with Nephi, there were two witnesses to validate the journey that they had undertaken--that it was a commandment of God, not the vain imagination of their father. If Nephi had been unable to open his mouth, the remainder of their party may have been persuaded by Laman and Lemuel.

Tomorrow, more on the pattern of revelation employed by the Lord with both Lehi and Nephi.