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The Three Witnesses

The Testimony of the Three Witnesses

The three witnesses' testimony of the origin of the Book of Mormon is compelling.

Though all three later in life became disaffiliated with the LDS Church, none ever revoked their witness attached to this record. To the contrary, towards the end of their respective lives, they were clear to validate their previous testimony of the book.

Their testimony of the Book of Mormon is based on two specific points:
  1. They had received a visit from an angel who presented to them the golden plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated. They saw the plates that this heavenly messenger carried. They saw the engravings on the plates.
  2. They heard the voice of God tell them that the translation taken from those plates was done "by the gift and power of God".
Towards the end of their testimony it seems that perhaps after having received the angelic visitation, they would have been disposed to keep these sacred events close to their hearts without much mention of them. In deed, there is much wisdom in keeping the sacred close to us by way of reverence and respect for that which we have received. So did Mary, mother of our Lord, after receiving the testimony of the shepherds (see Luke 2:19). But the voice of God, which these three witnesses heard, commanded them to do otherwise on this particular occasion.

As a concluding argumenet to their testimonies, the three witnesses declare the means by which their salvation will be extended to them. It is not ambiguous nor undefined, but specific and concrete. And if I had more time I would discuss this topic in greater detail. Yet such a clarity of understanding the terms of their salvation is their third and final witness for the Book of Mormon.