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Those Who Come Unto Thee, 1 Nephi 1:4-15

1 Nephi 1:4-15

Last evening I was considering the home that my children are being raised in. They are being taught faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, obedience, daily prayer, etc. They are taught that this is a way of life.

Now as Nephi begins his account, he relates the initiating event in his father's life that determined the course of events that his family were about to undertake. There is a vision, wherein Lehi sees God on his throne, and communes with the Son of God. In praying whole-heartedly in behalf of his people, Lehi learns from the Lord that the people among whom he dwells are about to be destroyed because of their abominations.

The vision continues and Lehi sees and read things which are not accounted for in the record. Lehi rejoices or gives mighty praises unto the Lord. Then he concludes that the Lord is merciful to those who come unto him. The Lord had prepared the way for their deliverance.