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Angels and Devils, 1 Nephi 11:30-31

1 Nephi 11:30-31

In a vision where its central theme is to depict the mortal ministry of the Savior, I've noticed the inclusion of the mission of angels and the counter-mission of devils. Nephi saw angels descend from heaven and minister unto the people (vs. 30). The highlights of the Savior's personal ministry included healing those who were afflicted with devils and unclean spirits. They were cast out by His power (vs. 31).

There are these two forces at work in the world. All are in subjection to Christ, but are permitted to exist to test me to see what I will permit. When I cleave unto Christ, the devil and his devils have no power.

This most frequently occurs in the quite chambers of the heart and mind, when I invite the Spirit of God to be with me through silent prayer or repeating the words of a favorite hymn. This always works when I remember to do it. Then the angels have room to work with me-- ground to plant seeds and to nourish them.

Indeed, there are angels and devils that are a part of this mortal probation and all are in subjection to the Christ.