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Representations, 1 Nephi 11

1 Nephi 11

I'm still in chapter 11 of First Nephi this morning. The more I review the sequence of events that transpires in this first part of Nephi's vision, the more layers I uncover. The use of juxtaposed images to convey meaning allows me as a reader to visually develop intangible concepts. In his vision, he goes back and forth between discussions with the angel, viewing the life of the Savior, and seeing symbolic representations. These representations allows me to further comprehend abstract concepts with everyday objects, such as trees and water.

At the same time, I pause to think that everything around us God has placed here. The very existence of such things are yet further witnesses of Jesus Christ. It seems that it was part of God's plan to place us in an environment where all that was created was designed to point to God and His Son. This is what Alma meant when he declared to Korihor the Anti-Christ, "All things denote there is a God," (Alma 30:44). Alma reverenced the very world in which he was a part of.