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Mini-Lesson: Only Two Churches

introduction: In my conversations with others as of late, we've been discussing how to share a point or two of doctrine before making an invitation to have a formal, sit down visit with them to share a gospel message. This is inspired from a "Preach my Gospel" manual activity about teaching when finding. As a means of translating my studies into a practical application, I'm creating these mini-lessons with invites. It's when we share simple Gospel principles that the Holy Spirit has room to work in the hearts of people that we visit.

Nephi, a Book of Mormon prophet, tells about a vision that he had where he saw the history of the world. Towards the end of that history, he saw that in our time there were only two churches -- one was the church of Christ, the other was the church of the devil.

reference: 1 Nephi 14:10(10-17)

invite: We would like to share with you what we can do to insure that we belong to the church of Christ. Do you have time now, or is there a better time that we could come back, to share a brief message with you?