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The Book of the Lamb of God, 1 Nephi 13:20-28

1 Nephi 13:20-28

The title has reference to the Holy Bible. In Nephi's time, it wouldn't have been know as the Holy Bible, however. The angel points out to Nephi that this record is similar to the record that he has upon the Plates of Brass. He also describes it as a record of the Jews containing the covenants of the Lord to the house of Israel and the prophecies of the holy prophets.

It also contained at one point the fullness of the the Gospel of the Lamb.

These verses of scripture are where Latter-day Saints gain our understanding that from its original version, there have been malicious revisions to the sacred text by those with dark motives. (This is offensive to some, that we believe the Holy Bible to have been modified from its original state.) Much of the Gospel of Christ was rewritten, or mystified. Many of the covenants were removed (see vs. 26). However, there is no mention of prophecies being altered.

Indeed, this makes sense that the prophecies would be left alone, for the most part, due to the fact that many were harder to be understood--especially without spiritual assistance. Additionally, the use of symbolism in many ways disguised the prophets' teachings and prophecies.

However, I think what I've failed to understand is the tremendous value that this volume of sacred scripture still contains, even in an altered state. There is so much of my understanding of history and the molding of our nation's moral standards that are influenced by this book. What the Bible has done, even in a crippled state, has improved and influenced many good people.

For Latter-day Saints there is even more substance. There is more depth to the covenants of the Lord found in the Bible. There is more significance and fulfillment of the prophecies which are recorded in it. The terms and conditions of salvation are made obtainable because of the teachings of our Lord and His Apostles.

To borrow a line from a recent talk that Elder M. Russel Ballard gave on the topic of the Bible, the Holy Bible is a miracle!