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"The Feelings of His Heart and the Spirit of the Lord," 2 Nephi 4:10-14

2 Nephi 4:10-14

I've approached my study this morning wanting to see the role of God in these particular verses. Nephi says that his father spoke according to the feelings of his heart and the Spirit of the Lord (see vs. 12). Recently, I found myself wanting to distinguish a particular impression, wondering if it was my own desires or the promptings of the Holy Ghost. This scriptures suggests that our hearts can be in harmony with the Spirit of the Lord. Thus the Lord's desires can also be our desires.

This, to me, seems to be difficult grounds to walk on. Such unity of purpose in Lehi was manifested at the end of his life. (This brief statement of purpose is Nephi's final tribute to his father.) There are challenges associated with knowing that one's path is pleasing to God. Meekness, humility, gratitude, complete devotion to God, constant course correction, and adherence to every goodly principle are requirements of such knowledge.

Nephi, by this point in his life, had the conviction of following the promptings of the Spirit of the Lord, which only a short time after his father's passing, caused his brothers to be angry with him (see vs. 13). We know that Nephi's desires were in harmony with the Spirit of God. Nephi consequently lived in such a way to remain privy to such continual companionship.