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"In the End Thy Seed Shall Be Blessed," 2 Nephi 4:1-9

2 Nephi 4:1-9

While not as detailed as the promises made to their little brother, Joseph, Lehi does promise the children of both Laman and Lemuel that in the end of times, "[the Lord] will be merciful unto you and unto your seed forever,"(see vs. 7). He also tells the children of Lemuel, "thou shalt not utterly be destroyed; but in the end thy seed shall be blessed," (see vs. 9).

Nephi descriptively expounded further upon the blessing that would be extended to remnant of their posterity in the last days, "their scales of darkness shall begin to fall from their eyes; and many generations shall not pass away among them, save they shall be a pure and a delightsome people," (2 Nephi 30: 6).

I feel that, in a very small part, I have been and am a first hand witness of the miracle of the fulfillment of these prophecies. What we see today, may only be a scratching of the surface, compared to what will come about in a generation or two from now. The Latin-American people are naturally more inclined to religion in general, but the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ has a strategic advantage over all other faiths--this is the religion of their forefathers, from many generations before, and God had covenanted with their fathers that their posterity would be restored to a knowledge of their fathers after it was lost.