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"The Lord Shall Comfort Zion," 2 Nephi 8:1-12

2 Nephi 8:1-12

Isaiah is again being quoted in this chapter. He starts by stating the audience for which this is intended: "Ye that follow after righteousness. " Then in verse 3 is found the premise, or main idea, for the remainder of the chapter: "For the Lord shall comfort Zion," or in other terms, the Lord shall restore the house of Israel.

We believe in the literal gathering of the House of Israel, (see Article of Faith 10). However, the terms that Isaiah uses to describe this gathering or restoration paint a picture of a more personal God, working in a spirit of joy, gladness, and gratitude (see verse 3 & 11). Later in verse 12, "I am he; yea, I am he that comforteth you. "