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A Committed God, 2 Nephi 8:13-25

These remarks may be construed as boastful, but they are inspired out of a spirit of profound gratitude. I am very grateful this morning for the council that has lead me to start each day out with a period of study in the scriptures. I am grateful to start each study with a prayer to my God, who is also my Father.

This morning as I concluded my prayer, I felt the same regard, respect, appreciation, and love towards my Heavenly Father that I have had towards my own father and other men whom I have held in close personal regard. The reality of God as my Father personally, whom I can love with all the same endearing affections as I have my own mortal father, has been impressed upon my mind this morning.

2 Nephi 8:13-25

As I have read through the remainder of 2 Nephi 8, verses 13-25, the Lord is explaining to His people His personal commitment to them. In verse 16, He concludes with this simple statement, "Behold, thou art my people." Throughout the remainder of this chapter, one thought is clear in my mind. The Lord our God is personally committed to the restoration and the salvation of His people. The Lord will, and in many ways already has, reestablish His people.


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