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"I Shall Not Be Ashamed," 2 Nephi 7

2 Nephi 7, compare Isaiah 50

Isaiah is quoted verbatim in this chapter by Jacob. Isaiah here speaks Messianically, or as if he were the Savior himself. My first reaction when reading this is that personal application would be disrespectful or irreverent. However, if we are to become like Christ (which we are), these verses offer counsel and encouragement if applied personally.

The principles of truth that apply to the Savior Jesus Christ are the same that are applied to me, though I am imperfect and He is perfect. Under the influence of the same Spirit that caused Isaiah to boldly penned words that represented the Messiah, I can learn from these words how to become more like Him.

p.s. The ambiguity of this posting is intentional.


  1. I think there isn't ambiguity. I have a friend who writes his blog posts in a much more vague tone than this.


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