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"The Lord God Will Fulfill His Covenants," 2 Nephi 6:11-13

2 Nephi 6:11-13

Jacob explains the conditions associated with the gathering of the House of Israel and the provisions for the adoption of the Gentiles and then adds: "For the Lord God will fulfil his covenants which he has made unto his children; and for this cause the prophet has written these things," (vs 13).

The mercy extended to the House of Israel seem difficult to comprehend in any other context than the fulfillment of covenant. Any other people would have been utterly destroyed for rebellion in the presence of Truth. Instead, the House of Israel is driven to and fro, afflicted, smitten, scattered, and hated. Yet the Lord is merciful unto them and they are not utterly destroyed. To this end, when they do repent, the Lord will bring them again into the land of their inheritance (see verse 11).

In other terms, when the Lord covenants with his faithful servants, and that covenant is kept by his servants, the Lord is bound and willing to honor such faithfulness. Such is the power of the covenant of Abraham. The Lord God also made similar covenants with his sons, Israel, Joseph, and Ephraim.