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"No More Blameless," Mosiah 3:20-27

Mosiah 3:20-27

This is about faith and repentance. The time will come when everyone will be required to exercise faith on the Lord Jesus Christ or perish... there will be no more blameless, except those that King Benjamin had already addressed earlier in this chapter.

Because the words which King Benjamin had shared with his people, they had become subject to the demands of justice. And every one of them were to be judged according to their works whether they be good or whether they be evil. (see 22-24)

Verses 25 to 27 address the horrible state of they that are evil. It impresses me that it is the choice to do evil, to be evil that consigns them (the wicked) to become keenly aware of their guilt and wicked works. Such a course of choice will disqualify anyone from the claims of mercy. Therefore, what we choose to do in this life does matter.