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"For Salvation Cometh... Through Repentance and Faith on the Lord Jesus Christ," Mosiah 3:5-13

Mosiah 3:5-13

Having the recent General Priesthood Meeting fresh in my mind, the phrase "that with power" stands out in my mind. I'm thinking about my son who is a few years off yet from receiving the Aaronic priesthood. I'm thinking of Christ as a young man of twelve years old being found in the temple of God already aware of what his mission was and what his relationship to God was. I am reminded of what a young Aaronic priesthood holder can do at just 12 years old and the ministering of angels.

Christ's blood atoned for the sins of those who have died not knowing the will of God concerning them (see verse 11). Then those that do know the will of God, what of them? "But wo, wo unto him that knoweth that he rebelleth against God! Salvation cometh unto none such except it be through repentance and faith on the Lord Jesus Christ," (verse 12).

This group of verses specifically is centered on Christ, and consequently I find myself wondering can we ever think too much on the Christ and his life and his example. As I think about it, I remember the sacrament. The covenant there is that I should always remember Him.