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"I Did Pray Oft Unto the Lord", 1 Nephi 18:1-3

1 Nephi 18:1-3

I was reviewing an older post this morning (It had been commented on by someone who didn't leave a name or any scriptural references to the point being made) and was reminded of the relevance of revelation as necessary for salvation. I feel strongly about this point. The first three verses of this new chapter reinforce the point.

Nephi built the ship by revelation. He says that he worked the timbers of the ship after a curious manner as it was show unto him by the Lord. Nephi sought the Lord's help frequently and thus he says, "wherefore, the Lord did show unto me great things," (vs. 3).

Why is it important to know that you are being guided by the Lord, as was Nephi? Why in our developing spirituality does our ability to receive revelation, or, put otherwise, to communicate with God become so important our discipleship?

Joseph Smith once said that in order for a man to be saved he has to know that the path of which he has chosen is pleasing unto God. How could one know this for himself then unless God revealed it unto him? Revelations from heaven, quiet promptings from heaven, are one of the ways that God then shows us that we are on course. (Those quiet promptings are also a good source of course correction.)

Nephi prayed frequently. The more he sought the Lord, the greater the Lord blessed him with wisdom and understanding.


  1. Great post. I would also like to add that obedience enhances knowledge. And knowledge enhances obedience. Although Nephi wasn't perfect, I think he demostrated this very well.


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