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"Towards the Promised Land", 1 Nephi 18:4-8

1 Nephi 18:4-8

The results of Nephi's ship building was that it caused his brothers to humble themselves again before the Lord. The footnote on this verse reminds us back in Chapter 16, after Nephi had explained to his brothers the meaning of their father's vision, that they humbled themselves so much so that Nephi had great hopes that finally they were changing. This experience again seems to have worked a similar response from his brothers.

Nephi couldn't have hoped for more. Humility is the very essence of righteousness and the proper way to align oneself before the Lord. So at the time that they, as a family, prepared to board the ship, it appears that they were all in the paths of righteousness.

Together they gathered their seeds, meats, and all other provisions that would be necessary for them to make the voyage across the sea.

Its also noteworthy that though Nephi constructed the ship, Lehi was the one, as the family patriarch, that received the directions from the Lord to go down into the ship.

In this final leg of their journey, they are thrust completely into the hands of God as they were "driven forth before the wind towards the promised land," (vs. 8).