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Preservation of the Scriptures, Footnote B for 1 Nephi 19:5

Footnote B for 1 Nephi 19:5

Nephi, in this verse, is explaining that this record (remember his comparing the two sets of plates that the Lord had commanded him to make) was kept so that his people would have a knowledge of the sacred.

I've followed the footnote that leads to a discussion on how the Lord has preserved the scriptures over time. Here are some references from that list:

Doctrine and Covenants 3:19 - These verses have particular reference to the promises extended to the children of Lehi through the preservation of the Book of Mormon.

3 Nephi 16:4
- Here the Savior commands the Nephites to make account of His visit and teachings to them that the remnant of the house of Israel may be brought to a knowledge of their Redeemer.