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To Forget the Power of God, 1 Nephi 18:9-21

1 Nephi 18:9-21

Now what happens in these verses doesn't totally surprise me, as far as Laman and Lemuel's human tendencies go, yet their inability to believe in God's influence upon them at all times is amazing.

The great sin that Nephi accuses his brothers of is rudeness. I paused to define rudeness and found it to suggest somewhere between a state of unrefined, uncivilized behavior and disrespectful, irreverent riotousness.

One could hardly blame them if they had been small children, being couped up on a ship for such a long duration, but these were men who had on multiple occasions witnessed the power of God made manifest through their little brother, Nephi. They forgot, and forgetting was as serious an issue as the sin of rudeness which resulted from their thoughtlessness.

Nephi, on the contrary, never forgot that it was the Lord who was behind the wind which blew them toward the promised land. Even when his brothers had bound him with cords, he absolutely knew that they were in the hands of God the whole time. This caused him to, even his bound state, to continually praise God (see vs. 16).