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"Thus Hath the Lord Commanded Me," Mosiah 12:1-8

Mosiah 12:1-8

This is a good case study in what it means to have a hardened heart. This is important to properly understand the relationship between us and the Lord, because to have a hardened heart is essentially to have withdrawn from the presence and the Spirit of the Lord.We cut off the lifeline of Life, our relationship to the Divine, and attempt to take salvation into our own hands, which is hopelessly impossible.

The Lord doesn't offer more than a second chance to these people who are already deeply engulfed in sin. Pestilence, plagues, and destruction are prophesied of in these verses. Then at the end of this prophecy, Abinadi explains that if there is no repentance that the only thing that will be left of their people is a record which will stand as a witness of their destruction.

The first footnote in this chapter is on the word "prophecy" but it leads to the Topical Guide entry for "Missionary Work." At first glance, I asked myself, "What does this prophecy of doom and pestilence have to do with missionary work?" But considering the events that transpire subsequently with the conversion of Alma and his followers, this is how it begins.