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"In the Strength of the Lord," Mosiah 9:3-19

Mosiah 9:3-19

A twelve year span is found in these verses. It is curious to note that Zeniff recognizes that he was too zealous to possess the land of Lehi-Nephi. He also makes note of their afflictions in the wilderness as being caused by their neglect in forgetting the Lord, the source of their strength. 12 years of prosperity pass after this. Then are they brought to a moment of crisis as they are brought into battle against the Lamanites. Their approach to this conflict is much different however, for they called upon the Lord for strength, and this time he heard their prayers.

Really they shouldn't have gone back to the land of Lehi-Nephi. But the Lord who is merciful, when they sincerely turned to Him for strength, gave them power over their enemies. This is a God of mercy.


  1. Hi there! I recently decided that I need to become more immersed in daily scripture study. Being an avid blogger, I knew that there had to be a scripture study blog out there... Enter yourself. Thanks so much for putting this out there! I was wondering if you wouldn't mind adding the Follow by Email (email subscription) gadget to your sidebar... It will be so wonderful to get your posts directly to my inbox!
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  2. Thanks Dana,

    If you've looked through the history of this blog, you'll see it was started about 3 1/2 - 4 years ago. It's taken me this long to get through the Book of Mormon this time around, and I'm only at Mosiah 10 as of this morning.

    It's been very slow going, but this is for several reasons. First, the blog is primarily for myself and it replaced my personal study notebook (pad of paper) that I used to use making my studies much easier to index and search through by topic. Secondly, while I do a pretty good job at the daily scripture study, I'm not studying the Book of Mormon in English sequentially every morning. When I'm not here, I'm either at the Spanish equivalent of this blog (which I started about 6 months after this one), or over at my topical study blog, where I am studying by topic instead of in sequential order. Unfortunately for everyone else, I keep that blog private as there are some very personal things that would not be appropriate to be available publicly.

    That all said, I do still keep this updated on a regular basis. At this rate however, I'm probably going to finish this round in another 5 years or so. On the flip side, I've read through the Book of Mormon probably 10 or so times before this go at it. The slower pace has been richly rewarding as I trek my way through fatherhood and trying to be a good husband.

    Admittedly, it is still very personal in perspective to things that are important to me at the time that I am reading it, but I share this blog anyways, with the hope that someone else will be benefited as well.

    Thanks for visiting.

  3. Ha, I almost forgot to add. I've added the email subscription gadget to the side bar as requested.


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