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"Believing in the Traditions of thier Fathers," Mosiah 10

Mosiah 10

Work leads to prosperity. In the first few verses of this chapter, Zeniff explains how he gave his men the assignment of farming the land, while the woman had the assignment of producing clothing. Because of this work, they were led to "prosper in the land."(vs. 5)

The bulk of the chapter has to do with their preparations for war and the war that was fought. Now it is fair to note that during the 35 years or so that have been accounted for of Zeniff's reign that there had only been two conflicts with the Lamanites. As I read this even from Zeniff's own account, I keep thinking to myself, if only they had stayed in Zarahemla, they would have had peace. I don't know if this a productive line of thought though. What was done was done. However, it is only two generation later that the ultimate solution to their conflicts with the Lamanites is to leave and make the trip back to Zarahemla.

On the other hand, there are great leaders for the future church, and faith building experiences that are a direct result of this detour back to the land of their first inheritance.

Verses 1-2: Zeniff is preparing his people for future conflicts against the Lamanites, and he went on to make provisions so that the people would always be on their guard to ward against future invasions from the Lamanites.

Verses 12-18: The false traditions of the Lamanites are expounded in these verses. It runs in direct parallel to Nephite history, but somehow the blessings that were extended to Lehi's family and Nephi were seen as curses to Laman and Lemuel and their posterity. It was simply a matter of perspective.

I find in these verses parallels in modern society between numerous groups of people. As I've considered what happened with Zeniff's people and how the Lord was still able to bless them, I see a great deal of similarity between them and any modern christian congregation, separate from the blessings of a living prophet, yet still devotedly striving to follow Christ. The Lord in his own ways and times and seasons, will prepare a way to gather all of his children into the true fold of God, or as many as will come. This happens to not only the people of Zeniff, but also eventually, to even the Lamanites.