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"Stand Fast in This Liberty," Mosiah 23:1-18

Mosiah 23:1-18

The broader quote used in the title states: "... ye should stand fast in this liberty wherewith ye have been made free..." (vs. 13) and is used in context of a discussion on why they should not choose to have a King to rule over them. I find this very interesting however, and extremely applicable to the conditions of the United States. Though the question here is never about what type of government we should establish. That has already been given to us, and will hopefully never become an issue of debate, that is, what type of government we should have.

However, that we are introduced to practices and philosophies and entertainments that would cause us to compromise our freedoms, has become a frequent occurrence in our society. Hence, the admonition to not give up our freedoms by standing fast in this liberty that God has given us seems particularly relevant today.

This actually sends me back to the beginning of the month and some strong impressions I had about how we as a people have compromised our liberty through our entertainments. Surely, if we would elevate the ways in which we chose to entertain ourselves, we would also qualify as a nation for a providential blessing of peace and freedom.

Alma explains well to his people why they should not desire any form of monarch over the people. The experiences of King Noah were all too recent in his memory, having had a front row seat, and even having been caught in these snares of the king's indolence.

There is one other thing that impresses me about these verses, and that is Alma's effectiveness in separating himself from the blessings and power of God. Alma recognizes that though he had been the means of bring many of them to the knowledge of the truth,  he was "unworthy to glory of myself." (vs. 11)