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"The King Hearkened unto the Words of Gideon," Mosiah 22:1-9

Mosiah 22:1-9

In this passage, the people of Limhi are gathered to devise a plan for their escape from the Lamanites. They have at this point concluded that the only way to remedy their bondage from the Lamanites was to "depart into the wilderness". (vs. 2)

There are simple subtleties in these verses that stand out to me in this reading. First, Gideon, upon soliciting the king's attention, presents himself as servant to the king. Gideon at this point, had developed a plan for the deliverance of their people, how long he had had this option in mind we do not know, but what does seem certain is his confidence in the plan.

In this reading I also paid closer attention to the actual directions that Gideon outlined to the king. It appears to have been a very indirect route, perhaps the least obvious of all possible, which would cause them to travel around the land of Shilom. (vs. 8)

The most intriguing part of this chapter however is Gideon's ability to be an effective servant because of his righteousness.    He was a servant who had been faithful before and had continued faithful even at this present time. This was the source of his character and integrity, attributes of worthiness that made his suggestions and service to the king effective.