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"That the Word of the Lord Might Be Fulfilled," Mosiah 21

Mosiah 21
(See also Mosiah 12:1-8, blog post)

This chapter now deals with the bitter realities of Abinadi's prophecies being fulfilled. After outlining some of the difficult events which the people of Limhi were now encountering, verse 4 explains, "Yea, all this was done that the word of the Lord might be fulfilled." (A quick review of what the prophecy of Abinadi entailed can be found back in chapter 12 as noted above.)

There is an observation made in the blog post for chapter 12 that also describes what is happening in this chapter.
...To have a hardened heart is essentially to have withdrawn from the presence and the Spirit of the Lord.We cut off the lifeline of Life, our relationship to the Divine, and attempt to take salvation into our own hands, which is hopelessly impossible.
As this current chapter (21) attests to, the way in which we so often attempt to take salvation into our own hands is by brute force or violence. It is human nature to think that we can some how fight our way out of our oppression. This can be deadly and dangerously life-altering, especially when applied to family relationships. There is only one way in which challenges in life can be dealt with peaceably and that is primarily facilitated through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Eventually though, because the people of Limhi chose to "humble themselves even in the depths of humility" (vs. 14), the Lord did answer their prayers. Several things happened that may have been not perceivable to the undiscerning.
  • The hearts of the  Lamanites where softened that their burdens became easier. 
  • They began to prosper by degrees in their flocks and fields, thus subsiding their hunger. 
  • King Limhi intervened on behalf of the widows in the land, making assignments to able men to provide for them. 
  • Disturbances between the Lamanites and the people of Limhi eventually ceased all together. 
  • Finally, Ammon and his fellows arrive in the land to the great joy of King Limhi. 
At the end of this chapter, it is observed that the net result of all that the people of Limhi had suffered had caused them to be prepared to make covenants with God. They were desirous now to be baptized, but there was now nobody with authority to do so.

Verse 34 says that there was no church for them to join, "waiting upon the Spirit of the Lord." The wording strikes me as curious. Perhaps this is evidence that they had now learned the value of patience in the Lord's timing.


  1. I came across your blog today and really enjoy the depth in which you are studying it and your perspective. I, too, have a Book of Mormon blog and have found great joy in it. I plan on returning to yours often. Do you have a Follower option so I can add to my blogger dashboard?


  2. Thanks Michelle, Admittedly, I do this primarily for my own enrichment, but following Elder Ballard's suggestion, I've made this publicly available to others to give an example of how rich and deep these passages of scripture can become when studied daily. I don't have the "follower" widget installed on my blog intentionally, but maybe I should change that intention.


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