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"They Pursued Their Journey," Mosiah 22:10-16

Mosiah 22:10-16

I was just reviewing the tags I had placed on the last post. I find it extremely intriguing that we can talk about integrity of character, service, and strategy all in the same breath. There are many stories along these lines then that have not yet been explored.

Again a couple of interesting points of observation in these simple passages.
  1. Once the people of Limhi set out on their course, the scriptures say "they pursued their journey." (vs. 12) Though they were many days on this exodus from the land that they had labored diligently to establish, they pushed forward fixed on the course of their freedom. 
  2. Upon arrival in the land of Zarahemla, the people of Limhi became subjects to King Mosiah. (vs. 13) This is particularly notable because Limhi's role and position as monarch of his people is dissolved. Truly, Limhi's great concern was for his people, not for his power.