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Gathering Seeds, 1 Nephi 8:1

1 Nephi 8:1

I'd never given it much pause for thought that the chapter featuring Lehi's vision of the tree of life is prefaced with this seeming obscure little verse about the family gathering seeds. They gathered all types of seed to take with them--diversity in their selection.

And yet I still can not find much correlation between this verse and the rest of the chapter. However there is a footnote to later in 1 Nephi (see 1 Nephi 16:11) that also references them taking their seeds with them into the wilderness.

This preparation to take with them the things which they would need gave the Lord the resources to bless them. The themes of seeds, trees, and fruits run through out the Book of Mormon.


  1. My seminary teacher wondered the same thing and he surmised that Nephi was simply commenting on the fact that they were gathering seeds and then suddenly remembered that he needed to write about the Tree of Life vision. Gathering seeds and perhaps fruit triggered him to remember.

  2. I have written next to that verse "Food storage/ Emergency Preparedness". In chapter 16 Lehi is commanded that he should "take his journey into the wilderness" on the morrow. That gave him one day to pack everything and go. He would not have had time to "gather seed of every kind" in short of a time period. The Lord commands us to do things for good reason. Lehi listened and obeyed, and so had the seeds he needed to plant in the promised ladn (chapter 18 vs 24). I love how the Lord works!


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