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The Link to Joseph, 1 Nephi 6

1 Nephi 6

Why the link to Joseph? Why was that so important?

For one, Joseph was the first born son of Jacob's second wife, Rachel. When Rueben lost the birthright through transgression, that blessing was bestowed upon Joseph. Joseph also is the fourth generation of righteous men who, beginning with Abraham, received special covenants from God which directly impacted their posterity. In addition to this, Joseph himself because of his own righteousness was recipient of additional blessings and prophecies extended to him and his posterity (See Bible Dictionary- Joseph[1]).

Joseph's father, Israel, extended blessings upon the heads of Joseph's two oldest sons, Manasseh and Ephraim -- in which Ephraim was placed before Manessah. While these blessings are articulated in the Old Testament, their full importance is more clearly outlined in latter-day scripture, including 2 Nephi and a Joseph Smith translation of Genesis 50.

More to come.


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