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The Persuasion of Ishmael, 1 Nephi 7:1-5

1 Nephi 7:1-5

The Lord commanded Lehi that they should not depart in to the wilderness without wives for his sons to the end that they might bring up children in righteousness unto the Lord.

Nephi shows how they worked with the Lord to persuade Ishmael to bring his family down into the wilderness:
  1. They gained favor with Ishmael.
  2. Then they spoke the word of the Lord to Ishmael.
  3. The Lord softened Ishmael's heart.
  4. Ishmael and his household came down with Nephi and his brothers.
Really, I am quite amazed that Nephi and his brothers were able to persuade Ishmael and his house to follow their family into the wilderness. This second point should not be overlooked. They didn't resort to their own devices this time. Instead Nephi and his brothers spoke the word of the Lord to Ishmael. It must have resonated in such a way as to have a penetrated Ishmael's soul enough that he and everyone in his house felt the obligation immediately to follow Nephi's family.