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Sustaining Leaders and a Sound Business Practice, 1 Nephi 2:19-24

1 Nephi 2:19-24

In this second communication that Nephi has with the Lord, the Lord extends to Nephi blessings and curses. The Lord pronounces a particular cursing upon his brethren -- if they rebel against Nephi, they would be separated from the Lord's presence. There is a parallel relationship between Nephi's brothers to him and me to my ecclesiastical leaders. Failure to sustain my leaders puts me at risk of separating myself from the Lord.

This can be a hard principle to embrace. It is hard to think that God will entrust an imperfect man with judgment to act in my behalf when spiritual discernment is required, but I've seen it happen so I know the principle to be true. I take comfort in the fact that the Lord will sustain and magnify his chosen servants, despite their weaknesses, to act in behalf of all His children.

There is a parallel between the patterns that the Lord uses with both Lehi and Nephi to reveal himself unto them. First they pray, the Lord speaks to them, they go out and share what was revealed to them, and then they return to the Lord in prayer with more problems after having executed the commandments required of them. The Lord commends them for their faith and then gives them greater commandments. He did it with both Lehi and Nephi, hence establishing a pattern for divine guidance.

A year ago I had a temporary job in the corporate offices of successful international company. The area in which I worked was surrounded by the offices of the upper management of this family-owned operation. I walked by the office of the CEO one day, the window blinds left open.
As I glanced in I saw five men surrounding a small table for business meeting. One stood with arms folded and head bowed. I then looked and saw that all five men had their heads bowed. Here was sound business practice -- absolute dependence upon the divine through prayer.