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"Reason to Rejoice", 1 Nephi 8:3

1 Nephi 8:3

With the passing of President Hinckley, I've had opportunity to step back and have been reminded that this is the Church of Christ, not of President Hinckley, not of President Monson (who most likely will become his successor). It's really in the timing of little things by which this reminder comes. Little administrative things that point to Christ, instead of drawing attention to the current leadership.

Lehi, too, found reasons to rejoice in the Lord--because of Nephi and Sam.

I can hardly put into words this morning the reassurances that I feel that this is the Lord's work and that He is with this Church, and that this Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and its leadership are on course for His return, whenever that is.