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"How Could Ye Have Rejected That Jesus," Mormon 6 & 7

Mormon 6

Vs. 21 - A practical understanding of the Resurrection. Mormon mourns the loss of his people, and now he explains what will happen to them.

Mormon saw the destruction of over 200,000+ of his people. There were all that remained.

Mormon 7

This is Mormon's last chapter, his final words.

From here on out, Mormon writes for the future. He knew what would eventually become of the Lamanites, so these verses he directs towards them.

Things he wanted them to know:
  • That they are of the House of Israel (so that they know the promises). 
  • That they can only be saved through repentance. 
  • That they must come to a knowledge of their father. (why?)
  • That they must believe in Jesus Christ. 
  • That they will be resurrected and brought before the judgment seat of Christ.