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"As the Lord Liveth He Will Remember the Covenant ," Mormon 8 Continued

Mormon 8

Starting in vs. 21. As I got to this point and continued on through this chapter, I am impressed by the absoluteness of how things are, namely the ways of the Lord. What the Lord does is eternal. His work is eternal, and it shall be accomplished. Moroni understood this clearly. This was a knowledge and not only a hope.

Vs. 23 - Moroni reinstates the commandment given by the Christ when he visited the Nephites. They both seem to want to tell us more by giving us this lead.

Vs. 26 - The Book of Mormon shall come forth as a great miracle in a day when it will be said that miracles have ceased.

Vs. 26-32 - Signs of the times that will be when the Book of Mormon will come forth.
  • Shall be said that miracles are done away with
  • Blood of the saints will cry unto their God, because of the works of darkness.
  • Power of God shall be denied.
  • Chuches become defiled and filled with pride.
  • Leaders or churches will envy their followers.
  • It shall be heard of fires, tempests, and vapors of smoke in foreign lands. 
  • Wars, rumors of wars, and earthquakes in divers places
  • Great pollutions upon the earth; murders, robbing, lyings, deceivings, whoredoms
  • All manner of abominations, carelessness
  • Churches will "forgive" sins for money.
(BT - As I made this list I thought that not all of these conditions were when the Book of Mormon came forth. But then the Book of Mormon didn't come forth to the whole world all at once. Just like all of these signs didn't happen at once. )

Vs. 33 - Talks of disfiguring the Word of God to bring damnation to your soul. But that's really what happens. If we change the Word of God, it can't lead us to salvation and if it doesn't lead to salvation, it leads to damnation.

Vs. 36-41 I believe that he is addressing the members of this our church because in vs. 38 he refers to it as the holy church of God. Consider your own sins. 


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