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"As a Vessel... Without Sail or Anchor," Mormon 5

Mormon 5

Vs. 1 - He (Mormon) knew their fate. Yet I suppose it was his love for his own people that brought him to lead then one last time.

These people looked to Mormon as a man of greatness, so much so that they believed he could deliver them from their afflictions. But they would not repent.

At this point, 380 years after the sign [of Christ's birth], all where equal in this war. The Lord protected no one (save Mormon). Man for man.

Vs. 14 - It appears that these records (the Book of Mormon) have a great role in bringing to pass the covenant that the Father made with the House of Israel. They (the records - the Book of Mormon) will persuade the Jews to believe in the Christ.

Vs. 16 - "...and they are without Christ and God in the world;" So many today walk this same lonely road without light... why?

Vs. 18 - The imagery is excellent. Such are those led captive by the devil's power. Some people in the world claim to enjoy this way of life, no direction, unpredictable, as if this is the ultimate adventure. Yet, it subtly leads a man down to hell.

Side Note: (Gathering of Israel) Doctrine & Covenants 109:56-57 - There is strength and direct [correlation between] the temple [and] missionary work. Joseph prayed that prejudice might give way before the truth. Also, [he prayed] that all might know His servants (the elders of the church) have been called of Him and have heard His voice. (BT- I believe that I am included in this prayer.)