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"He Ceaseth Not to Be... a God of Miracles," Mormon 9

Mormon 9

Vs. 6 - Cry for mercy and forgiveness. Here is a good description of a penitent soul: spotless, fair, and white.

Vs. 7 - And to those that deny the gift of the Spirit:
  • Knoweth not the gospel of Christ.
  • He has not read the Scriptures
  • (Even worse) If he has, he does not understand them. 
  • God  does not change, never. 
  • If God did change, He would not be a God of Miracles. 
-Moroni then briefly describes the plan of God and then asks:
"Has all this come to passs?" (The judgment obviously hasn't.)

Vs. 22 - Another scripture about the role of the three disciples who should tarry.
-Their commandment and commission is to preach the word of God/the Gospel unto every creature. It is a requirement of boldness.

Vs. 23 - The importance of baptism; the requirement of belief for salvation. 

Though the chapter is hard for me to understand (maybe because it is just that simple), this one thing I caught: that God doesn't work miracles among the children of men because they don't know Him. It's so simple, yet so profound.

Vs. 28 - Moroni's pleading with us to be wise in the day of our probation, "strip yourselves of all uncleanness."

Vs. 31 - Condemn me not because of my imperfections. Rather give thanks to God that he has made known unto you my weakness that you might not make the same mistakes.

Vs. 36 - These things they have desired... that we be restored to the knowledge of the Christ. This has been the prayers of the saints.