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"Prayer unto My God... Was Without Faith," Mormon 3

Mormon 3

Vs. 12 - Mormon loved these people with a love like that of Christ, he literally overlooked their wickedness with the hope that if he led them they might repent. He constantly prayed for them.

Here is the mystery. He says he prayed for them, but that it was without faith, because of the hardheatedness of the people. How could their hardness weaken Mormon's faith? Is that what's being said? Yes, that is right.

Insight: Mormon 5:2, "...I was without hope, for I knew the judgments of the Lord."
-- Faith is not knowledge, it is a hope of things to come.
 See Alma 32:34, Faith is dormant because there is a perfect knowledge of this thing.
What [was happening] with Mormon was he knew that the people had rejected repentance after being delivered from death, and they had sworn by things forbidden them. Mormon had also heard the voice of the Lord concerning these people. He had knowledge. Though his desire and prayer was that they be saved, there was no faith behind him because he knew. How sad.

Mormon's mission wasn't to influence the people of his time. The effects of his mission was to do a work preparatory to the things that were to come.

Vs. 17 - Mormon seeing in vision our day said we should be in preparation to return to the land of our inheritance. (I'd say there's wisdom in this counsel.) So how do we prepare?

Vs. 20 - Mormon worked by heeding the prompting of the Spirit.

Vs. 18-20 confirm that there will be a judgment at the end which is the Judgment Seat of Christ. This will happen. We [are] told now so that we might prepare.

Vs. 21 - Mormon's other purpose was so that we might believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. To stand as another witness of Christ along side what is said in the Bible. Repent & Prepare.