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"None That Do Know the True God," Mormon 8

Mormon 8

Moroni starts to write.

Vs. 6 - Prophecy complete. Alma 45:10
Vs. 10 - After having had explained that only Lamanites and robbers remained in the land, he says this, "and there are none who know the true God..." that's quite the distinction! He did not say there were no saints (though I suppose a true saint does know God). This separation defines those that will make it to the Celestial Kingdom.
Vs. 11 - The three disciples of Christ serve as teachers to the prophets and apostles, among other things. They ministered to Mormon and Moroni. (I'm sure their instruction is tremendously useful, insightful.)
Vs. 14 - How interesting and yet how true it is. The Gold Plates, though made of gold, have no worth ($), because the Lord has said it... that no man will get gain from those plates. And so it is!