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"He Knew That the Lord Could Show Him All Things," Ether 3

Ether 3

Vs. 12 - The Lord asked Mahonri if he would believe all of His words, and Mahonri responds, "Yeah, Lord, I know that thou speakest the truth, for thou art a God of truth, and canst not lie." And because he said this the Lord showed Himself unto him.

Vs. 13 - A lot is happening in this verse. The Lord shows Himself to Mahonri. Mahonri's salvation is made sure, "thou are redeemed from the fall." To still be alive in this life and to have that assurance, this is the trust that the Lord had in Mahonri as a servant and prophet.

Vs. 14 - Mahonri learns of the divine nature of the Creator, the Savior, the Son and Father.

Vs. 15 - The Lord says that He had never before shown himself unto His people because they did not believe as Mahonri did believe.

Vs. 17-18 - The Lord was so kind and filled with so much love, this is why he came unto Mahonri, that he might know that He, Jesus, was God. So this became his knowledge.

Vs. 21 - This is why the plates of Ether were kept in darkness until after Christ's earthly ministry, because the Lord commanded that they not be known. The Lord doesn't explain His motives.

Vs. 23 - The two seer stones, Urim and Thummin, are given to Mahonri
  -Vs. 24 - the purpose of the stones.

Vs. 26 - If I believe in Him, he can truly show me all things.