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"Exercise Faith... That They May Become Sanctified in Me," Ether 4:1-7

Ether 4:1-7

Moroni is speaking in this chapter and talks of the abridgement of the plates of Ether. A strange thing however, for the record was kept disclosed until our dispensation, the fulness of times. The brother of Jard truly saw marvelous things. Greater things had never been shown to man like [than] what Mahonri saw. And that's just it! No [one] save the prophets knew about this until our day. It is common place knowledge for all latter-day Saints what only prophets knew back in Antiquity!

And we didn't receive these records until we began to truly live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, repenting of our sins. Does the Lord not love us?

Vs. 7 - The saints of the latter days will exercise the same faith that Mahonri did, and because of it we will become sanctified. And we will eventually see everything that he aw. The Spirit confirms this.

~WOW~ The Spirit tells you that these things are directed towards you!